Module 2: Sector Inputs


This section introduces the Resource Recovery and Safe Reuse (RRR) Approach, that recognises the energy-nutrient-water nexus and identifies three main resource recovery approaches: 1) energy generation from municipal or agro-industrial solid or liquid waste, 2) nutrient recycling from domestic or agro-industrial waste, and 3) treatment and reuse of wastewater.

Furthermore, it lists selected Technological Options for the collection, treatment and safe reuse methods that can be applied in the context of service delivery chains in RRR.

RRR Learnings makes available in a concise and comprehensible way synthesized scientific insights and up-to-date RRR research results from Bangalore, Hanoi, Kampala and Lima (e.g. advantages and disadvantages of analysed methods, their recovery potentials and current application status, associated health risks, social and environmental impacts, etc.).