Module 5: Health Effects & Integrity Management

Module 5: Health Effects & Integrity Management

This module focuses on the identification, formulation and analysis of potential health risks and integrity risks associated to Resource Recovery and Safe Reuse (RRR) Business Models and the identification of mitigation measures.

Sanitation Safety Planning

The Sanitation Safety Planning Manual is a supplement to the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) Guidelines on the Safe Use of Wastewater, Excreta and Greywater and gives guidance for the development and implementation of Sanitation Safety Plans(SSPs). This practical step-wise guide provides the framework to facilitate the development of locally site-specific assessment and management plans to reduce health impacts from wastewater, excreta and greywater, while at the same time maximize the benefits of their use in agriculture and aquaculture.

Water Integrity Management

Two Integrity Management (IM) Toolboxes have so far been developed as systematic bottom-up approaches to tackling integrity issues of stakeholders in the water sector. The Water IM Toolbox for Kenyan Water Service Providers and Water IM Toolbox for Small and Medium Enterprises in Zambia are available as tangible toolboxes as well as electronic versions.